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Repent thy typographic sins!

Dec 18, 2012


Thou shalt not misuse type!

We've all done it at some stage in our creative evolution... we've double-spaced between sentences, left widow words floating on their own line at the end of paragraphs and commited the cardinal sin of mixing multiple fonts with bold, italic, underlined, outlined and dare I say it - shadowed versions.

Take a look at Jim Godfrey's gorgeous artwork on the do's and don'ts of typography – useful for professional graphic designers who need a refresher course and for anyone who presents the written word and wants it to look good.

A few examples of the sins....

Two spaces between sentences.
Repent of this sin by using only one space.

Failing to kern display type.
Unseemly gaps can impede readability and be distracting to the reader. Adjusting the spacing between letters will assuage your guilt.

Failing to eliminate orphans.
An orphan is the last line of a paragraph that sits alone at the top of a column or page. Type does not like to be alone.

To view the poster as a pdf, click here.

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