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Have you seen...?

May 16, 2013

A break from the norm.

When considering advertising and brand awareness, most automatically think of newspaper ads or TV and radio commercials... but how many times have you thought about doing something entirely different?

MAD love the KitKat bench - a clever concept by Nestlé. It delivers their 'Take a Break' message, while adding value to the local community. This kind of marketing not only adds a feel-good factor to their brand, but gets people talking - face-to-face and even more usefully - on social media. 

Clever advertisment design doesn't always need a catchy slogan or cheesy jingle; sometimes a creative spark and thinking (cue the overused buzz-phrase) outside that box can go along way in making your customers smile... after all - a truly great advertising campaign is one that engages and captivates the audience. That's what makes your brand memorable. 

"Have you seen that KitKat park bench?" - mission accomplished!

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